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Making Amends.

2012-11-02 18:20:09 by ellebirdy23

So I feel horrible.
Yesterday, I posted an angry rant at a user on this site, saying that I was furious that he had listed me as a Contributor on one of his songs. Some of you read it. If you're looking for it, you won't find it anymore--I withdrew the post. Truthfully, I did not care for the song, and I'm not changing that statement. But I really, really let it get out of hand.

I appreciate all the support everyone here gives me. Just know that I'm going through some really, REALLY heavy life shit right now that's got me in a horrible place. My good friends on here know what I'm talking about. And I'm so sorry to the user I verbally assaulted yesterday all over the portal. It's that kind of bullshit that came out of my mouth that I can't stand to see on this site. And I let my anger at my personal issues fuel that post all the way to the front page where it didn't belong.

I am so sorry. I know that this probably made some of you judge me poorly. I hope everyone here can forgive me.
I'm so sorry.


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2012-12-01 11:05:45

Its ok you had all the right to be mad at me, all of you do. I know the mix was a terrible mix, but it was my first. I'm just some 16 poor Ohioan. I can't get access to expensive equipment. Also i know i shouldn't have added you has a contributor but it was your mp3 that i used. If i never would have listed you if would have never posted, but being an eager teenager that i am i did anyway. So all of you can be mad at me, make me out to be a terrible person. But just remember everyone makes mistakes and i have today unpublished the post. It was more important to save her fan base than mine. So if none of you ever forgive me fine i don't care. I'm no child prodigy, I'm just some kid trying to have fun. Ellebirdy23 if you can forgive me that would be great, but i understand why you wouldn't.

ellebirdy23 responds:

Oh stop. It was me who was the awful person :(
There's nothing to ask my forgiveness of. I just hope you're doing ok, and I'm so sorry I made such a big deal out of nothing. Seriously. Hugs? ^_^


2012-11-13 18:14:41

I'm just hearing about this, and I didn't read the post. But I wouldn't stress this. You made the right decision in making your displeasure known to that user. Plagiarism is very irksome, especially if they think you're not gonna find out about it. But it's also healthy of you in realizing whether or not things got blown out of proportion. Hope you get through whatever struggles are going on at home!


2012-11-13 11:15:01

lol I do that kind of stuff everyday on the portal =] nothing to worry about. Time heals everything.


2012-11-11 19:59:50

I feel bad seeing you sad, if i were a friend of yours, i would like to hug you. i hope it doesnt sound weird.


2012-11-09 21:44:00

Well, he was wrong to list you as a contributor if you weren't, however as history has shown the highest form of flattery is plagerism. So despite the obvious offense it is also very likely that they admired your work, as many of us do- You do have a wonderful voice, a unique & beautiful style that is worth being emulated, you may have been a little "heavy handed" but it's also good that you stood up for your self & your work. For instance 'Johnny Death' is getting wanked & lost his U-Tube acct "trademark infringement". cause somebody is forcing him to change everything because some fellow has trademarked the name 'Johnny Death'. I sincerely hope the problems you are having in life don't get you down too much, I lost my fiance & 4 yro daughter some years ago & have been alone since but I still try to be as happy as I can despite the hardships- those of us involved in music create some of our best work during times of duress- write with love, sing from the heart, & fill it with soul. I may not be one of your friends, or at least as of yet, but you would be sorely missed & I don't recall any rule saying I can't pray for you. Bless You Hun!


2012-11-06 07:31:10

We wanna see you stand up, and make more songs ! GET UP, STAND UP ! =P


2012-11-02 19:31:06

Please, I can't stand seeing someone as wonderful as you sad! My heart can't take it!