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12/11/12 by ellebirdy23
Updated 12/11/12

My kitten "Oscar" is missing. :(

He's been gone for 5 days now. This is actually an old picture of him--he's about 3 years old now--but he was my first "on my own" pet, and he was the sweetest thing you could ask for (on his own terms.) I'm devastated. I won't ask you to help find him, because obviously that would be ridiculous. But I will ask two things:
1) Forgive me if my remixes coming out soon are a little on the "down" side--real life always affects my music.
2) Please please please send out good vibes wishing for him to come home :( Losing a kitten at Christmas is one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure :(



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OMG! D: I feel your pain hun! Poor baby... :'( Has he turned up yet?!!

um did he turn up yet? its been a while since the post and i hope hes alright



I'm sorry to hear and sincerely hope for his return. Know the pain of losing a companion all too well, I recently had to put down my 18 year old calico just before my 23rd birthday. Please don't give up hope and put all your efforts into bringing him home, even if it means halting your music production for a while. Trust me, Newgrounds can wait.



Maybe you can put up missing posters. That's what people around my neighborhood do.



I also hope your cat comes back.



I sort of know what you feel like except your problem is more sad. My goldfish died right before Christmas.



I feel for you, when I was a kid my cat died right around this time. My folks didn't tell me and my sister until after the season was over, telling us she was hit by a car. I hope he comes back to you-he's quite cute! Happy holidays, even in these hard times.

I know the feeling of losing a favorite pet. Best of luck finding your pal.



put a food, that really really smell.. Just at your door. Maybe he'll come back.

ooooooohhhh, how cute it is that little cat, it pains me to see it lost, i hope you can find him soon.



Poor little thing, hope he is ok and he finds his way home :(

I'm so sorry to hear that. I have such a soft spot for animals, and it must be awful to lose him, especially around Xmas. Sending all the good vibes I posess, and hoping he comes home!

I know how you feel. Right around my birthday (just two days before) we had to put down my best friend Gerald, a Norwegian Forest Cat. Poor fluffy little skitz contracted feline leukemia. Everything I drew for the next few months was either about him or so depressing I scrapped it. To hope Sir Oscar comes back home, I ring the bell around my neck three times (it's supposed to make a wish come true).



Aww! I'm so sorry! I understand what it's like to lose a precious cat. I had one once named Shadow who was like a son to me and he disappeared too. It was one of the toughest things I've faced, and I've never been as close to a pet since. And for you to lose him around Christmas too, that's just cruel. I hope your Christmas isn't totally ruined, and there is still time for him to come back, so don't lose all hope. And yeah, any musical person knows that real life affects your music. What you make, what you listen to, we seek music that reflects our feelings, that's just how it works, so go ahead and pour your heart into your music.

Try to keep your spirits up though, cats can get really far, you'd be surprised. Even if you asked around your neighborhood or surrounding area and no one has him, he might have gone out of the county altogether. I once found a lost cat and returned it to her owner 6 months after she got lost in a different county from me. It happens, and even if you don't get Oscar back, he might have found a new home far away. That happens all the time, where people find cats and look for the owner and can't find them so they keep the kitty. And if the weather has been bad, then people are even more likely to show some pity and take him in. So don't worry, I think he stands a fair chance.

I hope he comes back to you soon, with a buzzing purr... its hard to loose a feline companion.



and remeber to lock all doors and windows and get one of those collar cameras fir him



Sorry to hear about your troubles. I know how you must feel as I live with a dog and a cat, and work with dogs and cats. Both my pets have had their share of successful escapes though usually lasting only about a day, but still it always worries the crap out of me. My cat is a big homebody. She always winds up coming home in the dead of night if she manages to sneak out . I just leave the porch door open a -big- crack(shes a fatty) and eventually I'll hear her scurry up the stairs to my room. Luckily I'm a real night owl. ~_~ Anyhow apologies for the long story!
Don't give up hope! I know your cat loves you and I'm sure he'll come back to you as I'm sure you spoil him with love :3

My cat of 10 years just died last week. I know the feeling of losing a pet. The plus side, I guess, is that we have another cat that will disappear for weeks at a time, then just show up on our porch suddenly.

He's doing it right now, actually.

I'm hopin he'll come back to ya. I know exactly what you're goin through. I had a cat that had intestinal problems and had to have medication for it everyday, but she got out of the house and up and disappeared for a week. Turns out, she was 5 houses down under the deck in their backyard.
So definitly look in those places that are totally inconvinient to get to, chances are, he's just chillin. :)



you shouldnt worry he probably just went take a walk im sure he will come back before chrismas end

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I'd love to think that. But the weather is bad... how many cats do you know that spend a week away from home in the pouring rain? :(



Do you happen to have any Chinese people living nearby?

12/12/12 (Updated 12/12/12) ellebirdy23 responds:

Wow. Fuck you >:(
Way to pour lemon juice and salt into a festering wound.
Merry fucking Christmas to you too.

"You-Think-Im-UGLY" is right. But GOOD VIBES PLZ COME HOME KITTY!! :3

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:


Well, he's definitely not a kitten anymore. If you are like me, then you perhaps didn't have the nerve to get his balls chopped? My Brewsky goes into heat a couple times a year, and tries desperately to get out. One time, he did and was also gone for 5 days.
Male cats in heat have been known to travel VERY far to mate. So, even though you may be worried about him, keep in mind that he could be out "having some fun". :P When Oscar returns, check him for ticks and wounds. I'm sure he'll come home to momma', but not before staving off that animistic instinct. Good luck, hope you have peace of mind soon.

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

That's of you?

I had Oscar neutered as soon as he was old enough. So your comment really didn't help. I know you were trying, but seriously I could've gone without that because now all I'm thinking about is all the fun he's not having, since we can immediately rule out procreation.



if you have a freind with either A. a bloodhound or B. a germand shepard ge thtem to loan you there dog and have them sniff an item that oscar owns

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I may try that.

Aww, he's adorable!

I'd hate to hear about him being missing forever, or worse. I really don't want you to go through the same pain that my brother and I went through when our last cat went missing. That terrible phone call still haunts me to this day.

Though I can't directly aid you in searching for him (as much as I want to), at the very least, here's some advice: Put up missing signs all around town, check with your local animal shelters, animal control, or an ASPCA if your town has one. Let the neighbors and friends know so that they can keep an eye out for him. Be adamant, be vigilant, and above all, don't give up hope. But at the same time, as saddening as it may sound, prepare for the worst should it ever occur. I know it's something that nobody wants to have happen to their pets (believe me, I've had two dogs and a cat pass in my lifetime), but it's always a possibility.

Best of luck in your search for him. I'll be praying for your success.

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I know. The second day he went missing, we walked all over the neighborhood asking about him, put up flyers, called in to the "missing pet" group on the local radio station. And we've called all the shelters. We've done everything we can. I just think he's not coming home :(

Some advice! Check with people living nearby!

I heard so many stories people took in a lost animal and raised it as their own while the real owner never found them or only a few years later.. Which makes it very awkward.

Good luck!

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I've wandered around the neighborhood and put up flyers; I don't think that's it.



I hope that he is not completely lost in the moment... Write soon, if you`ll find him or if he will come home. Good luck to you and to your kitten

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

Thank you :3

it's tough losing an animal and not knowing where they are, I feel your pain. My cat went missing about six years ago and we had no idea where he went. As it turns out, another family up our street thopught he was a stray and took him in, so our story ended well. I hope yours does too.

12/12/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I certainly hope that's it. But we've put up flyers all over the neighborhood. Unless someone is just selfish and not bringing him back, I don't think that's it.



don't worry he will be home super soon

12/11/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I certainly hope so :(

aww... he's adorable... I do hope he come's home soon.

12/11/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

I hope so too. I live out in he woods, so I get worried that he may have been...digested... :(



I'm so sorry.

12/11/12 ellebirdy23 responds:

Me too :(