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In Case You're Curious

1/17/13 by ellebirdy23

Featured in an awesome collab song coming out sometime in the near future; it's probably with one of your favorite artists. He's kind of a big deal ;)

Keep a listen in ;)


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i thought you were utterly trashing gen five
in it alone the ideas show they were running out of ideas
but the things they added to it were what made it awesome
the moving trainer sprites the ability to have an extra bag slot for things you always use the always moving pokemon sprites the music is great
and my wind waker CD is not working D:
also ruby sahpire and emerald can be considered either the worst in the series or the second best
they took out the day and night feature and the pokemon transfer from your old games but added plenty of things
there second best to the newest like all games

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

No. I just don't like the music as much. I like the Plasma and Galactic themes, but I just can't get into the music as much as with the old 8-bit themes like the road to Lavender from Vermillion, or Team Rocket headquaraters, or the Sylph Company. There were just so many themes from the Blue/Red that I loved. That why it's my favorite. That doesn't make me hate the newer stuff. I just don't like it nearly as much.

I also really like that they made it so you didn't have to keep a set number of items in your bag. It was more realistic, but it was also really annoying. I like the moving trainer sprites. I'm kind of both ways on the Night/Day thing; once again it was really realistic and interesting, but if you can only play at Night or vice versa, it makes completing the dex either a chore or impossible.



i ruled that you have a bad taste in pokemon games

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

umm what?!

Firstly, I was there when Blue Version came out. I faked sick to stay home from school and play it the first day I had it. I played the card game and collected figurines. I watched the cartoon when I could (it wasn't allowed in the house). Then I bought Silver and Crystal versions. Then I had to save my money for important things like college and gasoline and a car, so I didn't play Ruby or Saphire. But then I bought a DS with my extra scratch from my real live job so I could purchase and play Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Then I bought Black when it came out. Then I bought Black 2 when it came out. I probably will buy a 3DS and buy X or Y when they come out.

I've been a Pokemon fan through all the generations. Gen 1 has my favorite music, but I like them all. I think it's silly that we have Pokemon like Trubbish, but that doesn't mean I hate the whole generation.

I fail to see your logic behind my so called "Bad Taste in Pokemon Games."

I imagine anything you've a hand in will at the very least be decent ^^

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

:3 oh stahp

Sounds exciting... by the way I imagine Oscar traveled back to Africa to meet up with his family and taking control over the kingdom, and he's having a wonderful time there. That's what happened to my pet.

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

No. He probably got eaten by a coyote.



ooo a collab =3 can't wait

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:




ah well i am going to listen to some of your music and possibly play the wind waker >_> as soon as i figure out how to hook up my game cube

4/4/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

It's a good game. I highly suggest hooking it up and playing again.



i xpected news on oscar

1/19/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Oscar has not returned.
Oscar is most likely dead.
I'm not talking about it anymore :(