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I Don't Normally Do Plugs

4/4/13 by ellebirdy23
Updated 4/4/13

But if anyone is interested, you should check out my twin sister Darklink2000. Her music style and mine are pretty similar. Probably has something to do with the identical DNA XD

Seriously, go check it out.

Also, new original to be released next Wednesday. I hope you'll check back in for that.

~ Alisa


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Yeah, I gotta say, you're sister is fantastic. Been following her since the last time you mentioned her a couple years back. Musical talent seems to run in the family.

4/20/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

I know. I wish she got more recognition for what she does :3

Sorry. Sister moment.



Does being called "one of the twins" bug you as bad as it does my wife... "I'm my own person you know!" :P

4/10/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Not really.
We've just come to accept that the first question anyone is going to ask us is, "Can you guys read/share each others thoughts?"

Twins huh, do you have all interests similar?

4/7/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

We sure do, though we also have dissimilar interests like regular human beings too :D

You got a twin sister? Cool!

4/7/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Yep ^_^