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6/10/13 by ellebirdy23

So here's a little something. It's not up for download right now--I'm seriously considering cutting an EP--but I hope you'll listen to it anyways. This is a basic re-master of a song I wrote back in '06-'07; I hope you like it.


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I was brought over to your page by your Song of Storms/ Zelda's lullaby track and just wanted to say: I'm really digging your style of Original compisitions. Keep it up I'll be looking out for your name in the future



Beautiful like all of your songs!

This song just feels :) You are so amazing! I just found your work a short while ago and let me say you are incredible! Im a fan :) Can't wait to hear much more!!

8/9/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Thank you ^_^
It's nice to hear that someone out there appreciates something creative I've sent out into the universe. Really makes my day.



I'm still coming back here like every other day to listen to this. Is the album out yet? No? How about now? No? How about now? No? How about...

8/8/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

I'll release something soon; once I have enough tracks to justify an EP that is.



Well dang, I wish I'd found this over a month ago when you posted it. Beautiful, and rather moving. You know, when I discovered you, I loved your stuff because it was all video game remixes, really high quality ones, and I love me some video game music. Eventually here and there you started releasing original songs with lyrics, and every time, I find myself loving them. Underestimate Me, 1679, and now Lusterfly, all really moving songs. As much as I love your video game remixes and hope you continue to do them for years to come, it's been neat to see you expand beyond that into your awesome originals, and see your talent bloom like this.

7/28/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Aww thanks :D You've been amazing support over the years.



I could listen to your beautiful voice all day long. Very well done.

7/16/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Oh you. :D


This is really nice, madame. Your voice is so beautiful and sincere.

7/16/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Thank You ^_^



elle, about your song Loz Fairy loop, you used reason 5 didn't you o.o

7/6/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

If "Reason 5" is a program, then no. I use Mixcraft.

Is that your voice? because if it is youve got a beautiful voice! :D

6/15/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Yes it is ^_^ thank you for the compliment.



This is a FANTASTIC song. The composition is just sublime -- it's so hypnotic and so permeating. It's the most powerful in the most subtle way, if that makes sense.

And you mentioned in your youtube description that you'd like feedback, so here it goes :P

-- It is magnificent that you managed to pack such an emotional punch (well, it felt more like a blade) while having a vocal track that stayed in one octave. And it's a perfect register for your voice IMO.
-- Love how the piano backing up the 2nd verse went up to a higher scale than in the first. Thought you could do the same at the end of the song -- maybe push the piano one octave up at 4:48, and cut down/out on the vocals?
-- Small nitpicky thing 1: Perhaps the trickiest part to sing in this song is at 2:43, "alone and feeling so filthy from his kiss," while "fil -- thy -- from" coincides with the 3 notes slowing down. I felt that you started the f and th sounds a tad early, so there is a short delay before you actually hit the note.
-- Small nitpicky thing 2: at 4:17, between "worth the tears I cry" and "but no one needs", it seems the vocals shifted to the right a tiny bit. Maybe you turned your head a little during the recording, or was it two takes spliced together?
-- And I love this song right down to its name. So clever and image invoking. Also, I just googled Lusterfly and this very news post is the first match (while the youtube video being the third). So you totally OWN this name :)

In conclusion, thank you for this. You won't believe how many times I've listened to this already since yesterday. Definitely my favourite song of yours, and I'll buy any album that has this in it.

6/13/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Yeah, Lusterfly is my name. Splice of Lust and Butterfly. She floats about beautiful and intoxicating, but is easily crushed, easily dismissed for the greater beauties on earth.
Sorry. A pinch tangential there.

I'm an alto; the higher notes are not my forte, no pun intended. I'm glad you appreciated it's fit to my voice.
I'm probably not going to change the piano. I wanted to make it feel full circle, as this is the life cycle of such a creature.
I definitely could have accidentally turned my head lol LOTS of distractions in my recording space. And these are in no way going to be absolute final vocals. Just a rough cut to put on Youtube.

Thank you for your detailed remarks! I appreciate them! :D

this is beautiful and amazing. hehe . you should release an EP! im working on a CD now, its a bit of work but you'll know if its something you have to do or not. either way keep playing!!!

6/11/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Well, thank you. I'm working towards it now. :D




6/11/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Thanks! :D

That's amazing :)

6/10/13 ellebirdy23 responds:

Thank you ^_^